Current government coaching restrictions:

  • Group coaching with two people plus a coach (for participants and the coach any of which are not fully vaccinated).
  • Group coaching can return with five people plus a coach (for participants and the coach who are all fully vaccinated). The coach must sight evidence of vaccination for all five people and record this information.
  • Participants younger than 12 years of age are treated as a fully vaccinated person.

Our Senior Coach 

Leanne Melgaard
TCA Advanced Coach, M PE, B Sc, Dip Ed
Mobile 0418 397 287 

Email  or

Programs For All Standards and Age Groups!

Little Joey Tennis: introducing tennis to children 5 – 8 years using smaller racquets, low compressions tennis balls and coordination learning aids. A fun and supportive environment provided! A free racquet to all children is supplied on their first enrolment. Lessons are 30 minutes.

Regular Junior Coaching 1: for children 8 years & over developing the grips, strokes & footwork. Minor tennis games prepare the players for future competition. Lessons are 45 minutes.

Regular Junior Coaching 2: generally for competition players. Further development of technique with emphasis on spin & tactics. Physical & mental training introduced. Lessons are 60 minutes.

Squad Coaching: for advanced players who are playing singles competition. Match analysis, understanding the different styles of play & conditions, the importance of power, spin & court coverage. Setting goals & much more! Sessions run for 90 minutes.

Holiday Clinics: these programs are held during the school holidays. They are ideal for the beginner to fast track their tennis but also great for competition standard players to concentrate on an area of the game they wish to improve. Normally 9am to noon per day.

Private Lessons: designed to cater for specific needs, be that concentrating on an individual stroke or learning style, etc. Lessons are either 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Adult coaching: Monday evenings after 7pm or Sunday mornings.

For details of availability and costs please call our coaches on the numbers, email or visit the coaching Facebook Page