Adult Competition

Mens, womens and mixed teams compete in the North Suburban Night Tennis Association (NSNTA) competitions during Autumn and Spring. The Association encompasses the northern region and includes such suburbs as Parkville, Essendon, Sunbury and Taylors Lakes.

Women’s teams play Tuesday evenings; Mixed competition is run on Wednesdays and Men’s on Thursdays. Play commences at 7pm with the competition run over 14 consecutive weeks (excl public holidays) plus finals. Each player plays three doubles sets, with games held alternatively at home or away venues. The home team supplies a supper for all players to enjoy post-game.

NSNTA website (fixtures, teams, results, ladders and club details)

Thursday Ladies Competition

WBTC also has teams registered in the Thursday ladies competition. Run during school terms, this competition begins at 10am and finishes around 1.30pm with each player playing four sets. Children are welcome with one player free to supervise at all times.

Saturday Afternoon Competition

WBTC also has teams registered in the Northern Suburbs Tennis Association competition. This competition begins at 1pm and finishes around 3.30pm with each player playing three sets.

NB: In all levels of competition, only paid up members of the WBTC are eligible to play, due to club rules and for insurance purposes.

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